Tuka - Feedback Loop

Tuka - Feedback Loop

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Big Village is very proud to present Tuka’s sophomore solo album ‘Feedback Loop’, picking up where 2010’s “Will Rap For Tuka” left off, “Feedback Loop” 

Ruminating on the album title and content, Tuka muses: “Feedback Loop is an album that is completely up for interpretation. I know that seems like a cop out, but the theme is actually about my interpretation of the world, and our society;  interpretation can feedback into where it came from. I will no doubt take the feedback I get from this release, and thus the cycle repeats itself.”

The first two singles to be lifted  from “Feedback Loop” – ‘Just To Feel Wanted’ and ‘Die A Happy Man’ (featuring the classiest lady in Australian hip hop, Jane Tyrrell) – have both already been placed on full triple j rotation as well as cutting up airwaves across all key community radio nationally.

On his debut, “Will Rap For Tuka”, which prompted Drum Media to remark, “His delivery is refined to the point where okay lines impress, and great lines transcend” production credits piled up for Mike Silk, Marz1, DJ Morgs, Brokn, Caustic and Tuka himself. On “Feedback Loop” Tuka teamed up with Inner West Sydney’s Sleepers Awake to create a consistent sonic landscape. “We have been able to really fine tune a specific ‘sound’ that has been applied not only to the beats and songs that we’ve created but also to the guest producers I worked with.”


  1. Time & Space
  2. Die A Happy Man - Feat. Jane Tyrrell
  3. Feedback Loop
  4. Cha Ching
  5. Heart Of Industry
  6. Harps
  7. Fly Catcher
  8. You & I - Feat. Maples
  9. Alibi
  10. Dodo Bird - Feat. Tenth Dan
  11. Waves
  12. Next Door
  13. Too Soon
  14. Mr Inside - Feat. Solo
  15. Just To Feel Wanted
  16. Shift - Feat. Jeswon & Ellesquire