Do you need to be 18+ to purchase spray paint?

Yes, in NSW you need to be 18 years of age or older to purchase spray paint and you will need proof of age to do so. Forms of proof of age accepted include drivers license, proof of age card, passport, birth certificate or any other official document with your name and date of birth. 

Email proof of age to 567king@gmail.com We only need to see the name and date of birth, so you can cover any other information. Once this is done your account will be verified for all future orders.

My can of spray paint is blocked and no longer working. Is there a way to unblock it?

First check that there is not a stopper under the cap (nozzle). Brands such as Montana Blackline and Montana Whiteline have a small black plastic washer under the cap that stops the can from spraying when not in use. Just take this out. Another problem could be that the paint dried up and blocked the cap. A fresh cap will solve this problem. The more finer the cap, the faster it blocks so it is a good idea to have some extra caps on hand. Please contact us if the can is still having problems.

Can you ship spray paint to New Zealand?

No, we are unable to ship spray paint internationally. We can only ship spray paint in Australia. We also cannot ship spray paint to Post Office boxes.

Where can i learn more about Aerosol Art? Is there somewhere that offers workshops?

Many councils and youth centres offer workshops (especially during school holidays) Contact them and see if they have any programs on.