Simplex - Audio Biography

Simplex - Audio Biography

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Adelaide hip hop artist and Terra Firma member Simplex releases his debut solo album Audio Biography. The long awaited album is the hard hitting, thought provoking next chapter of the Adelaide sound, summarizing Simplex’s life within and outside hip hop.

Tackling the issues of identity, relationships and careers, Audio Biography highlights significant events in life that all individuals go through. Describing the harsh realities of the real world, Audio Biography gives listeners a glimpse of his life: the clash of wanting to be your own person while battling society’s norms and routines.

Produced entirely by Simplex, the album weaves together classic hip hop with a modern streak of attitude and personality best seen in the first single, Beautiful Day. An upbeat sounding number about how materialistic objects act as a distraction to keep us focused on competing with each other rather than solving the real issues. The single is the first salvo in the Simplex canon- breaking free from group dynamics to forge a sound of his own.

Featuring a diverse array of guests including renown Australian Hip Hop artist Delta, the very talented Ranto Bokgo from South Africa (in the global sounds of Worldwide, where the issue addressed is that no matter where you are from, we all struggle with bad days, and we should be united instead of divided by borders, ethnicity or religious ideals), the dynamic vocals of Candice Monique (from M-Phazes’ “Goodbye Gravity”) and his fellow crew-members, Terra Firma(“First Things First”), the album boasts a ‘something for everyone’ element.

Through its rich lyrical content, infectious melodies backed by world-class production, Simplex laces in the beauty of maintaining a fighting stance in a world that controls us and each of his tracks boast a subtle rebellious streak that shows his own powerful approach to life.