Pegz & Silent Titan - Equilibrium LP

Pegz & Silent Titan - Equilibrium LP

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First single Equilibrium feats the singing Talents of Jace XL well known for his work amongst the Melbourne soul communities with his music partner Silent Jay X and also working with Hiatus Kaiyote.

The ideas of EQUILIBRIUM on a personal, environmental, philosophical and political level are the albums main concepts. The ideas outlined are an attempt to give power back to the people, to make listeners think about their actions and highlight both achievements and mistakes the average person and ‘ great ‘ people have made in the past and present. There is an element of hope in humanity, while outlining the devastating fact that most people on the planet are not doing enough to help our plight as a community.

Our idea to travel over 3 continents to make EQUILIBRIUM made Pegz and I the outsiders, entering communities we were not familiar with. Our travel was research into how the rest of the world lives and feels towards their current environment. As well as being an insight into creating relationships with people who could relate to what we wanted to say with this project.

Day in day out during our time away, we were gaining inspiration through the people we crossed paths with, the architecture, the museums, the art galleries, the shows we saw, the food we ate, the books we read, the everyday and the dynamics of friendships. Every day we were away, we made and wrote music inspired by our surroundings.

Equilibrium, inspired by the people who fight to be resistant and make sacrifices to better their living conditions for both themselves and the people around them.

Track list:

1. Show Love
2. One Of A Kind
3. The More I See
4. Got To Be
6. Look Outside
7. Man Of My Words
9. Change

All tracks written by
T.Staaf & T.Charuk
All sax written by E. Baker
cuts on Track 7 by DJ CO$T

Artwork for EQUILIBRIUM is by April 77 whose artwork is a well known and sort after amongst Australian Hip Hop artists

Pressed on Black Vinyl