Pegz - Drama

Pegz - Drama

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Rising from a self-imposed hiatus, one of Australian hip hop's hardest hitting artists returns to the recording fold with his brand new album Drama. With rhymes like ransom letters, the latest is an unrelenting, no-holds barred assault on politics, global issues, Australian life and hip hop. Like the unmistakable voice, Pegz is never one to hold back with the fire, all while maintaining a humorous streak of clever lyricism and biting commentary.

Featuring production from Jase (Beatheadz), M-Phazes, Plutonic Lab, Simplex and Chasm


1. Capital P 
2. One Day
3. Bombs Away
4. Deities of Def 
5. Go To Your Head 
6. Priceless - feat: Joe New, Dialectrix and 2 Buck
7. Crime In The City
8. What You in It For Feat. Jimmy Nice, Mantra & ILLY 
9. Water Marks
10. Mad Bastards Feat. Dialectrix, Joe New & 2 Buck
11. Don't Look Down
12. Fool's Gold
13. Blind Man