Must Volkoff - Aquanaut (2xLP)

Must Volkoff - Aquanaut (2xLP)

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For fans of Must Volkoff’s acclaimed 2013 production album White Russian the wait is over.  Mr Volkoff is back with another psychotropic voyage through uncharted zones.  This time inspired by the depths of the oceans’s here on Earth, the concept has once again been given the proper visual representation with cover artwork interpreted by Retayner

After a whirlwind visit to London in the later part of 2015, Must has enlisted an exceptional team of 25 MC’s to voice his instrumentals from UK veterans such as Ramson Badbonez, Jehst, Chester P, Sonnyjim and Mongo, to standout local lyricists including FluOne SixthMaundzMata and Adam Koots.




01 Aquanaut

02 Dr Seuss (feat. Flu)

03 Bad Habits (feat. Micall Parknsun & Confucius MC)

04 The Holy Ghost (feat. Nelson Dialect)

05 Fuck the Arcade (feat. Jehst & Mata)

06 Chemical Haze (feat. Adam Koots, Joe Snow & One Sixth)


07 The Source (feat. Ramson Badbonez)

08 Raining in the Hood (feat. Mongo)

09 Underwater Landslide

10 Nothing (feat. Joe Snow)

11 About That Time (feat. Maundz)

12 Walking Dead (feat. Soma)


13 No Days Off (feat. Dyl Thomas)

14 Foul Creature (feat. Adam Koots)

15 Earth Jewelz (feat. Aslan)

16 King of the Slouch (feat. Mnsr Frites)

17. Five Minutes

18. Psychedelic Purple (feat. Sonnyjim)


19 Reset Button (feat. Kosyne)

20 M.F.T.C shit (feat. Remus & Chester P)

21 Write The Future (feat. Adam Koots)

22 Revolutions (feat. Joker Starr, AnyWay & OphQi)

23 Every Block (feat. Gutz & Maggot Mouf)