Insideus - City 17 (LP)

Insideus - City 17 (LP)

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Here it is! The first long player to drop on the Milesago NuWave imprint has hit.
Proudly presenting INSIDEUS "City 17"
From the depths of the smokey southside of Brisbane, the producer extraordinaire banging the pads of the MPD delves deep into his beat catalogue to lace 11 joints of pure fiyah.
Selecting some of the country's finest vocalists to bless his beats, INSIDEUS has come correct with a hand picked guestlist that'll satisfy the most discerning of listeners. This is not a compilation, but an execution of one man's vision over his beatsmithing.
From veterans such as Mortar & Dialectrix to the new styled supreme of lyrical giants O_T and Tenth Dan, the crew dynamics of Ill Format & Pure Product and the Melburncentric love from Posseshot & Bias B, "CITY 17" is one slab of wax that will leave you returning the needle back to the run in groove again & again. Peep the tracklist below!

1. City 17 - O_T & INSIDEUS
2. Anticitizen One - MORTAR
3. Epiodemiology - SINKS & DJ RELLIK
4. Pull The Pin - DYL THOMAS
5. Significant - POSSESHOT
6. Good Days - BIAS B
7. Deep Heat - DIALECTRIX
8. Stonerville Mascot - TENTH DAN
9. Lows In The Highlights - NELSON DIALECT
10. Best Foot Forward - PURE PRODUCT & INSIDEUS
11. Step Proper - ILL FORMAT

Catalog: MNWLP001
Format: LP Album
Series: NuWave

- Classic Black Vinyl version
- 140gram weight vinyl
- 33rpm pressing speed
- Matt finish jacket
- Mastered by Joe Carra @ Crystal
- Artwork by Hams @ Milestone Workshop

Available online:
- 150/150 Black Vinyl