Eto & Flu - Motion Picture (10" EP)

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Once you drop the needle on this record and hear the first dusty vibrations of this work of art produced by Fluand Eto drops his smooth yet grimy vocals on the break, you'll figure a deadlier combination than this is hard to come by. In fact, on this 5-tracks collaboration EP, aptly titled "Motion Picture", the styles of Rochester, NY MC and Melbourne native producer blend perfectly creating a sound so unique and vivid that it will be just like re-living an old school crime-infested movie in real life with Eto and Flu being the main characters. The only guest appearances are provided by the two usual suspects Crimeapple and SmooVth on "Gustavo", leaving Eto expressing himself at his best on the remaining 4 tracks to display he's in his top form and hands down one of the hardest MC's around in this new wave of underground hip-hop. We have joined forces with Crate Cartel to bring you this unique experience on a limited edition vinyl

1. Intro
2. Sonny
3. Gustavo (feat. Crimeapple & SmooVth)
4. Crimey's
5. Motion Picture