Daylight Robbery - Moons of Jupiter (LP)

Daylight Robbery - Moons of Jupiter (LP)

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Intergalactic jazz fusion with a hip-hop twist; Think Nujabes and Pete Rock remix a lost Roy Ayers album arranged by David Axelrod. Daylight Robbery grew up in South London and Frankfurt before moving to Brooklyn, New York where "Moons of Jupiter' was recorded. The artwork has been created by Cologne-based illustrator Giza One.

released July 15, 2022

Produced by Daylight Robbery.
Benjamin Furmann - Piano, Rhodes & Wurlitzer on ‘Pandia’, ‘Europa’, ‘Galilean Moons’, ‘Thebe’, ‘Ersa’ & ‘Elara’
Dave Levy - Trumpet and Mute Trumpeton ‘Shade’ and ‘Himalaya’
Green T - Vocals on ‘Starbust’ and ‘Moons of Jupiter’
FP - Vocals on ‘Moons of Jupiter’
Carine Gilbert - Percussion / Weird Noises on ‘Galilean Moons’
Mixed and mastered by Roe Beardie in Cologne.
Artwork by Giza One.

Cat No: MPM 303
Artists: Daylight Robbery
Title: Moons of Jupiter