Bybo - Dream On (EP)

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Bybo - Dream On

The german artist Bybo debuts with a compact 6-track album on Born To Shine Records. His instrumental Modern Funk compositions are warm, dreamy and thick.

A steady use of organic instruments as rhythm guitar and a real bass kick off the first song called „Dream On.“ Generally most tracks have a Synth-Funk twist, giving the listener space to think and reflect. As a small deviation to the overall concept Bybo explores the territoty between the late 80s and early 90s, where New Jack Swing meet 808 Sounds on the Mid-Tempo track „Program of Love.“ On 4 out of 6 tracks the Boogie-Musketeers First Touch ensured to add their contribution, giving the work of the talented musician even more class.

Be surprised by the versatility of this timeless release that sends the listener on a journey.