Suburban Dark - Second Front

Suburban Dark - Second Front

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Big Village Records is very proud to release the debut full length from brooding heavy production duo Suburban Dark.

Second Front has a diverse range of tracks from spine chilling noise to straight up bass
assaulting bangers. The album is a dark, eclectic collection of rap tracks and instrumentals: a
calculated departure from previous Big Village releases, an affront to the ‘feel good’ sound of
most mainstream australian hip hop.

The second single from the album, Mindreader (Track 10) layers Jeswon’s precise raps with
video game synth lines, over a supercharged electro beat.

Suburban Dark’s inclusion in Big Things Volume 1 (2011) and Big Things Volume 2 (2012)
showcased their distinct and edgy sound with the standout tracks Straight Edge ft Jeswon,
and Vertigo ft Tuka, Ellesquire and Rapaport.

Suburban Dark’s new LP once again unites the Big Village crew, exploring the second front
of Sydney’s bleak underground with 11 of the most talented MCs Australia has to offer. MC
line up consists of Jeswon, Tuka, (Thundamentals) Ellesquire, GreyGhost, P.Smurf, Elemont,
Mute, Rapaport, Billie Rose and Mikoen.