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Rawthentic Records is a small independent label formed in early 2012 by Melbourne Mc P.Link. In the short time since, the label’s growing roster has been represented at international & local level countless times all over the country, supporting UltraMagnetic Mc’s, Trem one, Brad Strut, The Funkoars, Maundz & Jake Biz just to name a few.

In between shows the label has released 3 solo EP’s from Label stalwarts - P.Link, J.Mac & DownPat, plus earned spots on the Obesecity 2 & White Russian compilations, all while enlisting fresh young talent in the form of Eazy Mc, Jestar Dharma, & DJ T-Nuc.

Now after a solid year of shows and studio sessions and a bit of recruiting rawthentic records is proud to present

- The Roster a collection of new solo & crew tracks with no guest features, straight from the Rawthentic Fam – The Aphilliates (P.Link, J.Mac, downPat, dJ rellik), Eazy, Jestar Dahmer, DJ Metaphor & DJ T-Nuc.

The Roster stays true to that old Melbourne soundscape painted by the influential crews and artists who held skills and originality before all else, especially radio play and a quick payday.

Laden with proper producton from Rawthentic Favorites – Must Volkoff, Engineer, Brez, Vince Van Go & Sammy scissors, the 12 track LP also features new names to the boards Koots on the title track posse cut, while Fluent Form makes hisproduction debut with J.Mac on Half Full. Throw in heavy cuts and even a beat from the resident DJ Rellik and you have yourself - The Rawthentic Roster.

01. The Rawness - Secondhand DJs / Pro. Dj Rellik
02. The Roster  - P.Link, Downpat, J.Mac, Eazy & Jestar / Pro. Koots
03. Don’t Play  - The Aphilliates / Pro. Engineer
04. Writin Rhymes -  Eazy / Pro. Must Volkoff
05. Nasty bars  - Jestar Dahmer / Pro. Vince Van Go
06. The middle children of earth Skit - / Pro. Vince Van Go
07. The Root of evil  - The Aphilliates / Pro. Engineer
08. Half Full -  J.Mac / Pro. Fluent Form
09. Hunting Season -  Downpat / Pro. Must Volkoff
10. Authenticity Skit  - / Pro. Domingo
11. Ive Had It  - P.Link / Pro. Sammy Scissors
12. Stop That  -  The Aphilliates / Pro. Brez