Kit Complete - Some Beats My Friends Like

Kit Complete - Some Beats My Friends Like

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"So this is my first solo release. Its been a few years in the making, a few too many really. This was all done in my bedroom in the inner west - a nice place but you get pretty pale as a beat maker. The album art was done by my brother and the cover shot is a picture of my first dog Max taken by, I believe, my mother. The last track on the album is actually a collaboration between myself and an old friend of mine Walter Park. Cheers bro, this one means a lot to me. I'd also like to give a big thanks to Jack Prest, you've helped me out more then I can say. Lastly I'd like to thank my family for all their support over the years. Well that's its for me, these are some beats my friend like. So if you do like them, hit me up. It's been ages..."


released 07 August 2012 
All tracks composed & recorded by Kit Complete ©2012. 
Mastered by Jack Prest Cactus Studios. 
A production of Newtown Research + Development.