Graffiti Tattoo

Graffiti Tattoo - Kings on Skin

Giant: Manifestations

Giant: Manifestations

With its rebirth in contemporary pop culture as an appreciated, embraced and oft-utilized art form with a seemingly ever-growing body of practitioners and adherents, how can graffiti escape the known trappings of widespread acceptance, avoid becoming awash with cliched forms? How can it dodge stagnation as it has authority for so long? By providing a window into an avant-garde constantly pushing the boundaries of graffiti in an effort to maintain its relevance and vitality as a force of aesthetic and cultural provocation, stimulation and dissidence, "Art in Consequence" offers some answers to those very questions and looks forward to what the future may hold for graffiti.

The book and DVD take the reader on a trip to selected scenes where beauty and absurdity meet, documenting actions where some of those very answers are manifested in the form of shapes and colours, signs and wonders, all forged out of necessity by their creators.

Paperback: 80 Pages plus DVD.
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