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Dialect & Despair - Self Evident

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Few rival the dedication Adelaide hip hop duo Dialect & Despair show their genre. The young pair; emcee Dialect 22 and producer Despair 26, have already earned themselves international notoriety as a result of their infallible commitment to keeping hip hop culture alive.            

D & D have evolved since the release of debut album The Vortex in 2010, with their rare quality of emcee/producer synchronicity strengthened and all manner of new experiences under their belts. Dialect & Despair’s second album Self Evident is a testament to their passion for their craft, its culture and the historical legacies it has left behind by its champions.

Despair’s innovative production laced with traditional principles and samples, sets a vivid scene for the varied subjects explored by the vehement DialectSelf Evident boasts a list of high calibre guests including Vordul Mega, Total Eclipse, Beneficence, Melanie Rutherford, Malanin 9, S.I.T.H, Majestic Gage and D Flow.

With a passion for maintaining a universal hip hop culture, Self Evident focuses on the music, principles and stories behind the movement, whilst blending the old with the new.

“The production is unique; the lyrics are not what everyone else is saying.  We are carving our own lane. We are trying to push Hip Hop into another realm for this country.” - Dialect

1. New Testament Feat Total Eclipse
2. Bottom Line
3. Complex Feat Beneficence
4. Neva
5. Self Evident
6. Low Pro Feat Melanie Rutherford
7. Kasparov
8. What Can I Say? Feat Melanin 9
9. Affiliates Feat S.I.T.H
10. Top Status
11. Toxic
12. No Maybe Feat Melanie Rutherford
13. Partying Axe
14. Legitimate
15. S.A.B.X Feat Majestic Gage & D Flow
16. Planetary Rule
17. Black Swan Feat. Vordul Mega

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