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Ciecmate - Yin Ep

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YIN is the second installment of a 2 part series released on vinyl and digital formats.The first half being the YANG, which represented the dark side of Ciecmate, his ego. 
Therefore, YIN represent's the light side of Ciecmate, 
his emotions and the love contained within his heart. 
This release gives listeners a glimpse of the introspective side of an artist that 
historically has remained somewhat of an enigma in this regard. 
"My Life" sets the tone and takes you down memory lane to see what happened in 
Ciecmate's formative years to mould the man you see before you. 
"WiFi" continues where tha previous song takes off and paints the story of 
his teenage years and how they helped to shape his mindset. 
"Little Shell" depicts the bubble that Ciecmate immerses himself in while getting creative. 
"You & I" is a raw and emotional account of going through a hard breakup and losing true love. 
"Many A Lesson" allows Ciecmate to lay everything bare and explain the keys to his essence 
for fans to further understand him. Bigfoot joined in on production for this one by 
playing all of the electric guitars and he takes it out jamming for the outro of the song.

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