On The Run - Flowpen Ink 210ml

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New and improved formula!

OTR.984 is super permanent alcohol-based high-quality ink. Optimized for the On THe Run FLOWPEN OTR.084 & 184 and On The Run SOULTIP squeeze markers, this ink works perfectly with a wide variety of painting and writing instruments.  

Multi-purpose use! For indoor & outdoor use.  Works on paper, metal, plastic, glass, and stone. Can be used on canvas, walls, mixed media, and many other surfaces. Best on smooth and dust-free surfaces!

Use the OTR.984 with alcohol-based ink markers, pump action valve markers, brushes, air brushes, or any mob & squeeze marker etc.

Alcohol-based ink 210+ ml
Multi-purpose use!

• glossy
• fast drying
• alcohol-based
• super permanent
• scratch- and UV-resistant
• weatherproof
• xylene-free

 Optimized for the ON THE RUN FLOWPEN &SOULTIP