Ncl-Doofus - Hood Rat Noir (LP)

Ncl-Doofus - Hood Rat Noir (LP)

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numbered 113 / 150 (split colour vinyl)


Hood Rat Noir is a distorted funhouse mirror reflecting back DOOM, Roc Marciano and PeteStrumentals in equal measure. DøøF isn't as precise as Marci or as intricate as Dumile, but he has a lot of the former's presence and the latter's obscure humor- and the combination of the two (forget that Marciano is more indebted to DOOM than many rappers, considering most rappers owe the Villain a great debt already), especially mixed with Uncle Tim's fractured jazz soundscapes, makes for an uniquely intoxicating listening experience.

DøøF is wearing his influence on his sleeve: The cover art is a clear MM..FOOD homage. But this isn't a mere tribute act (the cover is also a perversion and a distortion of the source material, which is appropriate for DøøF's lyrical approach), it stands on its own as a synthesis of influences, transcending obvious reference points to make a wholly individualistic statement. If this seems like it's flying over your head initially, that's just a cue to give it another listen or four. One of the most overlooked underground rap tapes of 2020.