MTN Limited Edition - El Mac

MTN Limited Edition - El Mac

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EL MAC is a Los Angeles born painter whose work is inspired by the tradition of social realism and the Mexican and Chicano culture he grew up around, while also incorporating the influence of many other great artists of the past, from Caravaggio and Vermeer to Symbolists like Mucha and Klimt. He began painting graffiti in the mid 90s, focusing on lifelike representations of the human figure. In both large-scale aerosol and smaller-scale brushwork, he developed his unique rendering style which utilizes repeating contour lines and patterns reminiscent of some North American indigenous art and concepts from mathematical biology. Through his paintings EL MAC captures the beauty, essence, or general humanity of each person portrayed. Much of his work pays tribute to ordinary or marginalized people, reflecting the influence of humanism, street culture, and a strong social conscience.

EL MAC has painted murals in his unique style around world for over twenty years, and with his public art he aims “to uplift and inspire through careful, perfectionist renderings of both the sublime and the humble”.

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