Lazy Grey - The Soundtrack

Lazy Grey - The Soundtrack

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Lazy Grey is a true pioneer of Australian hip hop. The much-imitated BBQ and beer sound had its roots in his Algester backyard, where he spent the 90's filling rhyme books and composing on his ASR10, before moving on to the classic MPC sampler. He was one of the first producers to dig deep for rare Australian records and sample them in his productions, developing a distinctly local flavor of hip hop that still had its background in the New York boom-bap of the early nineties.

From his roots in the I&I and Happy Herb Crew's in the early 90's, through his partnership with DJ Damage as Towering Inferno and the establishment of the Black Stump label and crew with LenOne and Hams, Lazy was a pivotal figure in the emerging Brisbane hip hop culture. He also voiced the Resin DogsåÕ first single and fronted the Brisbane funk powerhouseåÕs early shows to sold-out Brisbane audiences.

As a member of Brothers Stoney with Lenwun, he would truly put Brisbane hip hop on the map. The On Tap cassette broke out of Brisbane's hip hop circles to become a national cult collector's item. Lazy and Len recorded the vinyl-only EP Boney & Stoney with Melbourne's Bias B, which to this day remains a defining artifact of Australian rap. The tracks Eureka and Lyrical Luncheon from this EP are interstate anthems. The subsequent On Or Off Tap CD- rang out with the likes of Have A Beer and Frontin, certified underground bangers that solidified Lazy's chemistry with Ken Oath and Len. He connected with Melbourne label Crookneck and recorded both the Stone Broke album (with Len as Brothers Stoney) and his acclaimed solo opus Banned In Queensland from Adelaide with production from BVA of Mnemonic Ascent. Meanwhile, an extended collection of Brisbane artists coalesced around Lazy as 750 Rebels, a group that now also includes Lenwun, Miss Brown, DjDce, Ken Oath Jake Biz, Bigfoot, Overproof, Kilsz and Dj Lopsided.

Lazy has been a sought after collaborator throughout his career, boasting almost 40 guest vocal spots, production credits, and compilation appearances. He's worked with the likes of Bias B, Mnemonic Ascent, Hospice Crew, F&D, Brad Strut, Prowla, Jase, Pegz, Reason, Tornts and The Optimen.

Lazy Grey is the pivotal lyrical figure in Brisbane's scene, an MC with brash delivery and subtle wordplay that has made him a national treasure. The fact that he's also a monster on the MPC means he is a cornerstone in the every growing edifice of Australian hip hop. His new album The Soundtrack only solidifies his reputation, proving that a veteran who helped lay the foundation can still add on to the architecture.