Heata - Executions Sound Library (7")

Heata - Executions Sound Library (7")

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The start of a new decade also rounds out the 3rd of Heatas Executions trio with a truly unique and heavy limited 45 drop.

An amalgamation of some of the tapes toughest musical scores, the Record pulls small elements of Heatas best production work from under Executions frenetic layering to give it some well earnt extra solo shine as any classic Library joint does.
While Heatas own beat-making served as the landscape much of EXE sat on, it was easily lost amidst the cut and paste madness, this limited drop gives great opp to get a nice taste of the bass uninhibited, & on 7” wax.

Doubling down as a must for any self respecting 45 live DJ to get loose on, the 12 mini tracks run plenty long enough to flip and juggle & are a destined sure shot for when the partys packed.

To top it off, the beautiful sleeve homage to the great library stylees is constructed perfectly by April 77, allowing it to accompany any well loved Bruton, KPM or Themes drama suite collection and, as in the case of Executions’ Packaging, is alone worth the price of admission

“Supreme Era Assassination Music” indeed.