Dirt Platoon - Bare Face Robbery

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Dirt Platoon, the most hardcore band from Baltimore, is coming back with a new album. 

After the release on EFFISCIENZ of their very successful EP "Start Ya Bid's" entirely produced by the talented Dj Brans, it's on the same label they finally decided to sign and to release this new opus. This new partnership is gonna be enormous! 

Indeed, the 2 brothers, Raf and Snook, always full of the same energy crush the beats with their rhythms which follow one another. Each of the titles is efficient, bringing different colours and reminding us how dynamic Hip Hop can be. 

As for producers, we of course find the label's beatmakers, Fel Sweetenberg and his devilish beats, Dj Brans and his strong beats but also Mil who 's just joined the team. 

The list of the producers is not finished because there's also Tom Delay who's been here since the first albums of the band, then there are others like Dj Low Cut, Venom and Macabeats. 

As far as featurings are concerned, no surprise, there are the combo et the label fans with Fel Sweetenberg, the 3rd non official member of the band and Nutso who's never far from EFFISCIENZ's releases. 

In short, this project sounds like a little mass murder between friends..

Tracklisting :

A1 Old Album (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg) 
A2 Admire (prod. by Dj Low Cut) 
A3 Bare Face Robbery (prod. by Tom Delay) 
A4 Emotions (prod. by Dj Brans) 
A5 Our House (cuts by Venom) (prod. by Venom)

B1 ’86 Ushers Anniversary Picnic feat. Fel Sweetenberg (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg) 
B2 Garbage Can (cuts by Dj Djaz) (prod. by Dj Brans) 
B3 Weep (prod. by Dj Brans) 
B4 Killing Machines feat. Nutso (cuts by Dj Djaz) (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg) 
B5 Peak Performers (prod. by Fel Sweetenberg)