Def Wish Cast - The Legacy Continues (2xLP)

Def Wish Cast - The Legacy Continues (2xLP)

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Def Wish Cast are your favourite Australian rappers, they are pioneers, they make hip-hop that is timeless. The Legacy Continues is one of the most significant releases in Australian Hip Hop history and it is by far their finest release to date. 

1. Shining The Armour
2. All Stars
3. Aus Down
4. Complete

Side B:

5. One More
6. Head Messer
7. 3rd Degree Burn
8. The Lions Roar


9. Street Bombin
10. Method to Madness
11. Uprock

Side D:

12. Rhymes Galore
13. All Stars (Dj Katch Remix)

14. Aus Down