750 Rebels - Kold Heat

750 Rebels - Kold Heat

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Karsniogenics & the 750 REBELS present JAKE BIZ, LAZY GREY & DJDCIDE. Three of Brisbane hip-hop’s finest underground artists comin’ correct with the long awaited latest installment from members of the infamous 750 Rebels, “KOLD HEAT”.

Following on from the short film prequel to the album “KOLD HEAT | BRING IT TO YA CITY” DVD released in late 2013, the crew are set to burn up ya sound system with this latest body of work. 
Produced by SEAN B of THE STATESMEN, with additional production from veteran MC/Producer LAZY GREY, KOLD HEAT is a record that’s reminiscent of the sound and style from 10 years ago, the early/mid 2000s; a time when Australian hip-hop was relatively unscathed by the masses and owned by the rawest and purists alike.

Three years in the making, the album has taken many twists and turns along the way since its first inception. Riding high off the back of his debut solo album “Commercial Hell”, JAKE BIZ began work on a follow up EP. At this time, production duo SEAN B and DJDCIDE were also in the early stages of their next EP, while the Little General aka LAZY GREY had began work on his next solo LP. The guys decided then to combine their efforts and thus KOLD HEAT was born. To set it off right the team went into isolation for a condensed pressure cooker style production session over 3 days at a house in the secluded Mt Crosby area. Dubbed “The Kompound” the crew produced the initial 6-8 tracks which formed the basis of the album KOLD HEAT.

Continuing the creative momentum, the crew excelled week after week in the studio producing more and more tracks, further developing the sound for the record. During this period the guys began developing concepts for the first video clip and engaged long time friends and filmmakers HEATA and JOSH DAVIS. With the production team on board, the short film prequel to the album “KOLD HEAT | BRING IT TO YA CITY” was now in motion, and the Rebels put forth 7 tracks to form the soundtrack to the film.

With the film released in late 2013, the guys went straight back to studio creating even more tracks. Now with some 20+ tracks in the can it was time to craft the final arrangement for the LP. Their devotion to deliver a no-frills style hip-hop release amongst the myriad of commercial sounds the culture produces today was a natural step for the crew, given they felt this is a sound that’s been missing in recent years. To solidify this mantra the crew released the next single from the album “PIG CITY” on iTunes with a hot new video clip on YouTube in August this year.

KOLD HEAT brings forth a mature ‘grown-man hip-hop” sound from JAKE BIZ and LAZY GREY, with topics and storylines that range from your traditional boom-bap style party joints, to some of the heavier content around their personal beliefs in the machinations of the political world today, through to paying homage to the foundation architects of Australian hip hop culture. With both MCs comes a distinct level of comfort between one another’s sound, reinforced by having performed on stage together with DJDCIDE consistently over the past 3-4 years, and further enhanced by the raw production style from the pioneering crate digger and 4ZZZ Phattape Hip-hop Show 10 year veteran SEAN B. The chemistry between these artists shown across this album is evidence of their commitment to their beloved hip-hop culture, friends and artists alike.

Featuring some of the underground hip-hop scene’s most respected artists including DELTA, CIECMATE, OVERPROOF PETE, BIGFOOT, BIAS B & MISS BROWN, KOLD HEAT is a record that will excite the older generations of a time they’ve known and loved, while engage the younger audiences on a level that’s not of the mainstream radio festival pop-rap sound the majority are exposed to today.