August 2015

  1. Ironlak Strikers – CHEO

    Ever found yourself lost in a daydream? British artist CHEO has his head in the clouds on the daily. Constructing colourful wonderlands complete with personality-filled creatures that could only come from the mind of an illustrative prodigy. In this dream, he brings to life two pen-wielding sharks using Ironlak Strikers Tri-Grip Twin Markers for the colouring and Ironlak Permanent Markers...
  2. Sunday Wals with Phibs and Peque on 17th August

    PHIBS, PEQUE and friends will be jamming downstairs at the Lord Gladstone Hotel in Chippendale, Sydney on Sunday the 16th of August 2015. Kicks off at 2pm! Lord Gladstone Hotel - 115 Regent St, Chippendale. Brought to you by Sugar Artist Acrylic spray paint. 

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