July 2015


    Tim Phibs’ latest exhibition A Fine Line examines painting as a form of meditation, tapping into the stream of human consciousness. Developing thought into tangible artistic works, Phibs has transformed each piece from rough sketches and ideas into full scale works organically, each work taking a life of its own and becoming its own entity.A Fine Line is a collection...
  2. Fel Sweetenberg - Limited Edition Vinyl Available

    "The Sophomore Jinx" album was released in 2010 originally and simultaneously became an instant classic and best kept secret. Few got wind of the release despite the album’s indisputable quality and the project slowly became overlooked. This hidden gem showcases the versatility of Fel Sweetenberg as an Emcee and producer. Hailing from the lost city of Camden, New Jersey, Sweetenberg produced...
  3. Shakewell Magazine Volume 3 is Here!

    The latest issue of Australian graffiti magazine, Shakewell has just dropped. Vol 3 is another bumper issue with a big focus on FAWTS - Rest In Peace.. 100 pages and quality bound like a book. Volume 2 also back in stock. $15 each. Order online here.

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