November 2014

  1. SAINT SURLY - The Gleaner - Part 1 & 2

    Little Wonder Productions is onto its sixth release. This time it's a two piece package from Brisbane based beat maker Saint Surly consisting of a 7 inch and a bonus CD. Part 1 is a 7" vinyl featuring 8x tracks and Part 2 is a CD featuring 14x additional tracks. Artwork on the vinyl Purchase online HERE or from our Newtown store.
  2. Newtown Festival 2014 - The 567 King Live Art Hub

    Killer wall by a killer combo. PEQUE, UNIQUE and PHIBS.  Artworks on canvas that were available for purchase. (Some still left for sale!)   The kids colouring in competition was super popular. Thank you to all the youngsters that took part. We had a few dozen entries. A big congratulations to Armani for the winning entry. Hope you get great...

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