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  • 22 New Colours from Ironlak are here!

    22 brand new colours have Ironlak have just been added, bring the total range of spray paint colours to 137. Which colours will you try? Grab some today from ‪‎567King‬ - The number one stop for ‪#‎ironlak‬ in Sydney. We have the full range!

    ironlak color chart_2016



  • Sprayground Backpacks - Now available from 567 King

    We've just had a new shipment of the incredible Sprayground backpacks touch down at the store at 567 King and they are now available to purchase in Australia. All bags are made strong and sturdy to provide durability and have clever compartments for laptops, books, sunglasses and so on and even have hidden stash pockets. Simply put, these are the best backpacks you will find.

    Check out some of the crazy designs we have on offer.

    71_copy 6-1 54_copy woodlanddfl1 blackoutspythonblack_default zilla4 9-1 blackgubfloat shredder leonardo tigger1 55_copy

    Buy Sprayground backpacks in Sydney, Australia.
    All bags are limited edition and never produced again. Shop from 567 King for Sprayground backpacks in Australia.


    The rappers hate the idea. The rockers, struggling with drugs and low record sales, don’t know what to make of Rubin’s pitch. But on a Sunday in March, they meet in a Manhattan recording studio to create what will become one of the most important songs of the modern pop era. This is the oral history of Run-DMC’s cover of “Walk This Way.”

    Read the full insightful multimedia story HERE

  • $5 SALE on NBQ Pro Spray Paint

    We are having a massive sale on all of our NBQ Pro Spray Paint. For a limited time you can pick up some NBQ for only $5 a can. This offer is available direct from our Newtown store or online HERE

    Check out these fine works created with NBQ:

    567wall 567wall2 Jiesk_finished2 nbq_5_sale

  • Fat Laces now at 567 King.

    Bring that oldskool flavour back! We are now selling 20mm wide XL fat laces.

    Available in 19 fresh colours.
    fatlacesfatlaces22fatlaces2 fatlaces222fatlaces223 fatlaces3 fatlaces22233Buy them online here, or get them direct from our Newtown shop.

  • Ironlak Strikers – CHEO

    Ever found yourself lost in a daydream? British artist CHEO has his head in the clouds on the daily. Constructing colourful wonderlands complete with personality-filled creatures that could only come from the mind of an illustrative prodigy. In this dream, he brings to life two pen-wielding sharks using Ironlak Strikers Tri-Grip Twin Markers for the colouring and Ironlak Permanent Markers for outlining.

    Purchase Ironlak Strikers


    We also have a colouring book from CHEO titled National Cheographic.

  • Sunday Wals with Phibs and Peque on 17th August

    PHIBS, PEQUE and friends will be jamming downstairs at the Lord Gladstone Hotel in Chippendale, Sydney on Sunday the 16th of August 2015. Kicks off at 2pm!

    Lord Gladstone Hotel - 115 Regent St, Chippendale.

    Brought to you by Sugar Artist Acrylic spray paint. 


    Tim Phibs’ latest exhibition A Fine Line examines painting as a form of meditation, tapping into the stream of human consciousness. Developing thought into tangible artistic works, Phibs has transformed each piece from rough sketches and ideas into full scale works organically, each work taking a life of its own and becoming its own entity.

    A Fine Line is a collection of exercises and experiments in Tim Phibs’ new style, an evolving process of acrylic on canvas. Drawing from the methodology of calligraphy, each brush stroke thoughtfully placed, built upon layers of depth and transparency.

    'A FINE LINE' is open for viewing 2-4PM Monday 27th July and 1-4PM Tuesday 28th July

    Exhibition celebration drinks Wednesday 29th July 6PM

    at Goodspace - 115 Regent St, Chippendale, Sydney City

  • Fel Sweetenberg - Limited Edition Vinyl Available

    "The Sophomore Jinx" album was released in 2010 originally and simultaneously became an instant classic and best kept secret.

    Few got wind of the release despite the album’s indisputable quality and the project slowly became overlooked. This hidden gem showcases the versatility of Fel Sweetenberg as an Emcee and producer. Hailing from the lost city of Camden, New Jersey, Sweetenberg produced all tracks on the album except one produced by the Illustrious Illmind.

    Available on Limited Edition 12 inch vinyl for $30.


    A1 Awful Pretty Pt. 2
    A2 Look Into The Eyes Of Fel (cuts by Dj Jayski)
    A3 Light Em Up, Blow Em Out (cuts by Dj Panek)
    A4 Minor Problem feat. Aul Purpis (cuts by Fel Sweetenberg)

    B1 Ecetera feat. Ethel Cee
    B2 The Nuthin’
    B3 Skyz Fallin’ (cuts by Dj Jayski)
    B4 Trubblesume

  • Shakewell Magazine Volume 3 is Here!

    The latest issue of Australian graffiti magazine, Shakewell has just dropped. Vol 3 is another bumper issue with a big focus on FAWTS - Rest In Peace.. 100 pages and quality bound like a book. Volume 2 also back in stock. $15 each.
    Order online here.


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