Montana Bold Ink 200ml - Black

Montana Bold Ink 200ml - Black

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The Montana BOLD 200ml ULTRA INK refill is the foundation of your graffiti and tagging marker needs. The hard-wearing plastic bottle is fitted with a witches hat, re-sealable lid, that comes to a sharp accurate point for efficient and clean refilling. Building on the already much loved Montana Strong Black ink formula, the ULTRA INK is the contemporary optimized version of what was already great.

The state of the art, alcohol-based, permanent ink leaves rich, luscious semi-gloss marks that are made to stay If the buff doesn't get it, the sun won't have much luck either as the ink is not only lightfast and UV resistant, but abrasion-resistant as well.

This well rounded ink also has the added benefit of super-fast drying time, making application a discrete affair.(* filled in all BOLD markers). Perfect in Combination with all Montana BOLD Markers as well as EMPTY Markers.