VENTURE TRUCKS Iannucci Flash V-Light Low Skateboard Trucks 5.25" (Pair)

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The Iannucci Flash V-Light Low Skateboard Trucks feature

  • Stronger/Lighter
  • Hollow Kingpin
  • Hollow Forged Baseplate
  • Non Slip Axle
  • 5.25" Wide Hanger
  • Gino Iannucci Pro Truck

The V Light Low Forged features a slimmed down forged baseplate, engineered to aleviate stress from the rest of the truck, hollow reinforced steel kingpin and high quality bushings.The V Light is the Venture that's lost a few pounds and added some muscle. This is Gino Iannucci's Flash colourway. It has a 5.25" Wide Hanger.

All our skateboard trucks are sold as a pair.