Laurus Oschatz - The Way To Brush 'N' Spray

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Farewell, dull daily grind !

He likes to bring large spaces to life while at the same time implementing fine details: In this book successful Berlin- spray-paint artist Lars "Laurus" Oschatz describes his new combined spray can/airbrush technique in full detail. With this new technique, you can complete large and highly detailed commisioned works very quickly and with minimal materials. This book shows how to plan and implement designs correctly and what special features do the different substrates, whether it is a vehicle, an indoor design or large buildings. The detailed depictions of nature designs is his special subject. With over 400 illustrations on 208 pages, this is a content-rich art-book for hobby sprayer and professional airbrush artists.


1. Farewell, dull daily grind!

2. Canvas design

3. Professional facade design

4. Interior wall design

5. Design of vehicles and objects

6. Workshops

7. Materials and sources

Hardcover, format: 297 x 210 mm, 208 pages Language: English.