How & Nosm - Hard Cover

How & Nosm - Hard Cover

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How&Nosm are European graffiti artists and professional muralists residing in New York. There has been much interest in their new work. In times when a multitude of colors, techniques and effects tend to overcompensate for style, How&Nosm take the opposite approach.

With a limited color pallet in hand, the brothers create eye-catching murals laced with social commentary. Their signature ‘black, white and red’ intricate patterns, stark line work and stylized forms allow the clarity of the message conveyed come to the fore.

How&Nosm – The Brazil Diaries is an intimate look at their art explorations in Brazil. Unlike any other place they have travelled to, have they found such great understanding and acceptance of their artistic pursuits. The liberation and creative freedom afforded has proved instrumental in their recent mural work and keeps them returning for more.