Greg Craola Simkins: The Outside

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"There have been many stories of hidden passages and their usefulness as doorways into other worlds... a rabbit hole, a wardrobe, a mirror, a tollbooth, a labyrinth. It is a well that gently guides a not so reluctant yound man into our world that has best become known as "The Outside"

Aritst Greg Craola Simkins invites you to navigate into his land of "The Outside". A place where inspirational cloudscapes give life to a travelogue of bizarre worlds. A place populated by enchanted characters, too dangerous to pet, all with an unusual familiarity. An amalgamation of nautre, where everything feels like a dream, conjured from a parallel childhood

Simkins is a modern day Audubon, cataloging the inhabitants of his imagination. His unmistakable style synthesizes the best techniques from the Old Masters, Graffiti and Pop Art to create his own brand of storybook Surrealism

Size: 9" x 12", 280 pages, Hardcover